Nonprofits exist for the good of us all.

Sterling exists for the good of nonprofits.

Because nonprofits cannot thrive on noble missions alone, Sterling serves as a business consultancy that helps mobilize nonprofits and the people behind them, equipping these vital organizations with the structure, strategies, and resources to operate effectively and for the long run.

Since 1988, Sterling has partnered with more than 400 diverse organizations across every sector—from AA to Zebra, from decades-old to merely days. Yet one truth holds fast: Good planning is good business.

And it’s as essential as ever for nonprofits in a sector that only swells with competition and complexity, who must meet the demands of an increasingly selective and sophisticated set of audiences.

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We are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and pride ourselves on the responsiveness and resourcefulness required to move the needle for nonprofits.

We are our clients’ fiercest champions and most persistent challengers, provoking the remarkable potential we see in each of their efforts, and linking arms with them from Day One-til-Done to translate creativity and compassion into critical impact.

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Organizational Planning

Effective execution stems from a robust plan of action. We draw on our team’s deep experience in fundraising and nonprofit management to deliver comprehensive reviews and planning services for individual departments or the organization as a whole.

Campaign Feasibility & Planning

Is your organization campaign-ready? With more than 250 successful campaign partnerships over more than 30 years, our team works with clients to map out a detailed plan to ensure campaign success.

Campaign Management

Once you have a solid campaign plan, it’s time to put it in motion. We partner with volunteer and staff leaders to manage every phase of a campaign. Some clients only require strategy and guidance, whereas others need turnkey support, so we tailor our scope of management services to the particular needs of each client.

Strategic Planning

A strong strategic plan clarifies priorities, provides clear direction for the staff and Board, allows all members of the team to work effectively to advance the organization’s mission, and establishes measurable benchmarks to monitor performance. We tailor our tried-and-true process to meet each organization’s unique needs and characteristics.

Strategy for Funders

Individual and institutional donors have their own missions and theories of change. We partner with foundations and individual philanthropists to define their funding strategies, develop evaluation processes, and understand and implement best practices.

Customized Consulting

One size does not fit all, and sometimes an organization’s needs don’t fit squarely into any particular service line, so we offer customized scopes of work based on our clients’ specific needs.

We believe the optimism that powers nonprofits is more than an outlook—it’s an imperative.

We wake up each day inspired by our clients’ work and hungry to help them succeed—because we know that healthy, high-functioning nonprofits contribute to healthy, high-functioning communities. And because we share in the greater belief that by proliferating beauty, information, and the power of ideas, not only can we smooth our world’s wrinkles—we can safeguard it for generations to come.

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